Ba Ba Dum

Ba Ba Dum is a language game that lets you practice your vocabulary in one of 21 different languages. 

When you arrive at the site you’ll click Play to begin, you’ll want to select that language you want to practice. To do so you’ll need to click on the country’s flag in the bottom right corner of the language you want to practice.

After selecting the language you want to practice, you’re ready to play. Doing so is easy! First you’ll want to select a game. You’ll find the game options in the top left corner.

You can pick from matching the word to an image, matching an image to the right word, matching the spoken word to the right image, filling in the blanks, or a mixture of them. There’s also a character game where you match the spoken word to the correct character. 

 In the top right corner you’ll see your score. There are two numbers: your cumulative score and the score for the language you are currently playing.

If you’d like to save your progress, you’ll need an account. Mouse over the gear in the bottom left corner and choose Sign In, and then Create Account in the sign in bubble that appears center screen.  Fill out the form with your e-mail address, a nickname, and then create a password and press the Create Account button, you’ll be whisked right back to your game so you can pick up where you left off. 

This is a fun way to practice vocabulary for different languages, so check it out today!


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