Remember This About Scam Calls

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I recently saw a social media post that made me want to bring up an important thing about scam phone calls. The government estimates that over half of the calls people receive are scams. And we’ve all been hit with scam texts at one time or another. Here’s the post I saw. The

This person says that every single time they get a scam text, they set up an ad offering free puppies and tell people to contact the number. This person seems to think they’re pretty clever and that they are harassing the scammers.

What they don’t realize is that 99.99% of the time, scammers used a spoofed number. The number that shows up is not the number they are calling from. They’ve just lifted someone else’s number.

What he is actually doing is harassing some innocent person. Calling back a scammer at the number displayed on your caller ID will normally just get you some person who is curious as to why you called. I actually spoke to a lady sometime back where scammers had spoofed my home number to call her several times.

We’ve talked before about how scammers spoof email addresses and even clone your friends’ Facebook accounts in order to message you. So, keep that in mind.

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