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Need to create some quick forms? If you have a Gmail account, there’s a free service that makes it a snap. Start by logging into your Gmail account. Then click the square of dots in the upper-right of the inbox.

Scroll down the list of available apps and select Forms.

You’ll see this list of form templates.

Click the arrow next to Template gallery to see a list of templates.

You’ll find templates for personal, business, and educational purposes.

You’ll find templates for forms like invitations, event registrations, t-shirt sign-ups, job applications, customer feedback, quizzes, courses, and evaluations.

To use a template, just click on it.

The form will open.

Now, you can begin to customize. Click in the space you wish to change.

You can also customize things like questions. It’s simple to change the rating scale, make a response required, and more.

Or you can choose to create your own form from scratch. Click on the + sign to create a blank form.

Now you have a blank slate to start with.

When you’re satisfied with the form, click the three-dot menu at the top right for options. You can choose to print the form.

Choose Send to send your form.

You can send the form via email or generate a link you can copy and send to others.

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  1. Thanks for that info, Cyn. I’m saving that in case I find myself needing a form. Tell me now, who do you recommend for subscribing to a music service? Amazon? That’s my favorite go-to place but I might be missing out on another just as good and maybe cheaper.

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