Google Translate

google search engine on macbook pro

Need to translate some language in an email? Did you know there’s a handy translation app right there in your Gmail inbox?

Start by opening your Gmail inbox and looking for the square of dots at the upper right.

Need to create some quick forms? If you have a Gmail account, there’s a free service that makes it a snap. Start by logging into your Gmail account. Then click the square of dots in the upper-right of the inbox.

When the app menu opens, scroll down to Translate.

You can type text in the translate box, upload a document, or enter the address of a website.

Or click the microphone icon and speak.

Translate will automatically detect a language or you can choose from hundreds of options.

Select the language you’d like the material translated into and you’ll have a translation in a flash.

Click the speaker icon to hear the correct pronunciation.

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