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If you’re an avid reader, then BookBub is definitely a site you’re going to want to sign up for.  The site connects you to limited-time free and discounted e-books that you can read on any device at any time. 

How does it work? Easy, you tell the site what you like to read, and they’ll send you an e-mail when books in your range of interests pop up either free or discounted. 

To start reading you’ll need to type in your e-mail address into the text field and click the red Start Reading – It’s Free button.  

Then you’ll tell BookBub a little about yourself. For example, how often you read.

Then let them know what kinds of book you prefer by picking the genres on the checklist and clicking the big red Save button.

Choose your preferred format. It’s great that they offer an audio-only option for people who prefer to consume books that way due to visual issues.

You can then select specific readers that you want to see deals for  (like a Kindle or Nook) and again click the aqua Submit button.  

You can also choose to follow some of the top authors.

Now you’ll create a password,  and click the Confirm button. 

Now that you’re fully signed in, you’ll see the first offering of deals and free books based on the genres you picked! See book you want to snag? Just click the place you’d like to receive it from. For me that’s Amazon because I use the Kindle App on my phone. It whisks me away to Amazon to add it to my cart and check out. I’ve picked up seven great books for free so far. 

Go check out these great book deals today!

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