Facebook Page Complaint Scam

I woke up to a Facebook page scam the other day. I received this notification. At first glance it appears to be a notification from Facebook business about a Facebook page I manage.

If you click on the notification, you see this. This post, masquerading as a notification hopes to make my fear response kick in and trick me into following that link without thinking. However, there are tons of clues that this isn’t legitimate. It threatens me with dire consequences if I don’t click immediately and the wording is odd. You’ll also note that there’s the little public post globe icon under the name. That indicates it’s a post on a age and not a notification from Facebook.

I can go to the page and see that it’s a page featuring nothing but a bunch of posts trying to trick people into clicking on the link. I also noted the page has a shop and is listed as a Beauty & Personal Care page.

When I did a little more digging, I checked the page’s history. When it was created in 2017, it was called the Baby Doll Beauty Boutique. Only in the past few days was the name changed To Page Publishing Authorization.

If you follow the link, you’ll end up here. This page is designed to steal the username and password for your Facebook account. That’s probably how the owners of the Beauty Boutique ended up losing their page to these scammers.

Once I entered my information, these creeps would have had all the information they needed to hijack an account. Always stop and take a few minutes to read things over closely when you see a notification like this. In my case, had I suspected this was real, I could have gone to my page manager dashboard and looked for an actual notification.

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