Why Can’t I Print Full Screen?

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A reader has a question: “Why can’t I print full-screen email messages in Gmail? Most email accounts do not have the print icon. The print is always showing only half of the message. I can open the image to fullscreen, and use “SNIP TOOL” to print, but it’s too much work. It also occurs when I want to print from a web page.”

I think the issue is you’re printing from the wrong place. You’re trying to print from the inbox or from the whole webpage displayed in your browser. Almost all email providers have a print icon or option after you open the message. To print Gmail messages, make sure you open the message. Select the print icon at the top right of the message.

Or click the 3-dot icon at the top right of the message and select Print from the drop-down menu.

The print option for your browser should open with a preview of how the message will print.

When printing an article from a web page, make sure you’re not hitting the print option for the browser.

Instead, you want to open the article and look for the print option. Sometimes, it’s located at the bottom of an article or webpage.

Sometimes it’s at the top.

This will get you the full article you want to see as opposed to just what’s visible on the screen. I hope this helps.

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