Error 339 – a quick tip to fix

There’s nothing more frustrating that one of those Windows errors that has a number, but won’t give you any clue what the actual issue is. Patty ran into one when she was trying to install the License Crawler software that I suggested a couple of weeks ago:

“Just to let you know when I downloaded license crawler and ran the file it would run and said there was an error. So I tried Free Files download site and same thing. It said Runtime error 339 – a file is missing. I was really looking forward to having this program. Is their anything I can do?”

Here’s a quick trick to try for License Crawler or any other software you’re experiencing that issue trying to install on your Windows PC.

Go to the program folder of LicenseCrawler.exe  (or whatever program you’re trying to install).

Right-click the program icon (the .exe file).


Choose Run as administrator.


If you see a User Account Control prompt, make sure to accept it.

I passed this info on to Patty, she tried it and was able to successfully run the program.

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