Why won’t my games work?

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A reader needs assistance troubleshooting issues with some games he purchased:

“I’ve subscribed to Big Fish Games For several years and have purchased about 100 different games from them. I recently changed banks and decided not to renew my subscription even though I have game credits for a couple more games. I recently purchased a game using one of my game credits, but the game will not load properly, I contacted BFG and have followed their directions but the game refuses to load properly. Also some older games I infrequently play have stopped working. I have a win 10 64-bit computer and use Google Chrome with Yahoo.com as my email and search systems. Any ideas I might have missed?”

Big Fish games do require cookies to play properly. So, I’d suggest checking your cookie settings on your browser. I’d also suggest clearing the cache in Chrome. (Ctrl + Shift + Del). You might also try opening another browser like Edge or Firefox to see if the games work in it.

Downloading and reinstalling the older games might be an option. Big Fish also suggests checking the date and time on your computer but these days that’s seldom the issue.

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