How Do I Defrag a Chromebook?

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A few years ago, I responded to a question about how to defrag a Chromebook by saying that you don’t need to defrag a Chromebook. A reader took offense to that and replied with this comment:

“Thank you for NOT answering the question. I STILL need to Defrag. Next time just answer the damned question.”

Since it’s been a few years since I wrote that reply, I thought I’d revisit the question again. Guess what? You still don’t need to defrag a Chromebook. While a Chromebook looks a whole lot like a Windows laptop, it’s really a very different type of device. A Chromebook is really more like a tablet than the Windows PC you’re used to. Truthfully, it’s really a tablet in a laptop’s body.

So there’s no need for routine PC maintenance tasks like defragging. Chromebooks run on the Linux-based Chrome OS, which usually doesn’t require defragging. Chromebooks have SSDs, which are more like memory cards than physical drives.  So moving and rewriting the data closer together on a drive wouldn’t really speed anything up.

If the reason you think you need to defrag a Chromebook is that it’s moving slow, disk fragmentation isn’t the problem.

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