What I’m Watching: Strange New Worlds

This time in “What I’m Watching”, I am just going to come clean and say that I just love all things “Star Trek.”   

I grew up watching the original “Star Trek” Series in syndication.  In Kindergarten, my friends and I played “Star Trek”, using the felt board and pieces to create our own transporter control stand!  

We had a Saturday morning cartoon “Star Trek” to enjoy, reuniting many of the original cast. 

Then we had big-screen films to enjoy, some better than others along the way, but we still enjoyed them. 

When “Star Trek: The Next Generation” premiered, while we were in college, we would gather to watch the episodes as they came on for the first time. 

Then came “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”, set on the frontier of Federation space; a personal favorite of mine.  

Paramount’s attempts to begin a network brought us “Star Trek: Voyager”, and “Star Trek: Enterprise”, set at the founding of the Federation. 

With the advent of streaming and the Paramount+ service, all the “Star Trek” series, old and new, have a home.  “Star Trek: Discovery”, set ten years before Captain Kirk takes command of the Enterprise, “Picard”, focuses on Captain Picard’s life after the events of the film “Star Trek: Nemesis”, “Star Trek: Lower Decks”, another animated and a rather humorous series, and “Star Trek: Prodigy”, which was built to appeal to potential younger viewers.  

“Star Trek: Discovery” did something very interesting in introducing us to young Mr. Spock near the beginning of his Starfleet Career, along with other familiar, yet infrequently utilized, characters from the original series, including Number One and Captain Christopher Pike, the captain of the Enterprise before Captain Kirk. 

Now, these legacy characters, and more, are the focus of the new Paramount+ series “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’.   

With only three episodes so far available, the stories have been well-crafted and impressive, with more character-building moments from Pike, Spock, Number One, and others.   

Seriously, Watch it.  You will be pleasantly surprised. 

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