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A reader asked if I knew where he could download a guide for his iPhone. That’s a great question because it gives me a chance to highlight one of the absolute best features of Apple products. The company offers comprehensive guides to its products that address all of the most common questions users have.

Since all devices that run the iOS and Mac OS operating systems are manufactured by Apple, these guides work for every device. Let’s check out how to get them.

Click this link to go to the Manuals section of Apple support:

At the top of the page, you’ll be able to choose the type of product you need instructions for.


If you need another language besides American English, click at the top right.


Then select a country or region.


You can select the manual from the choices offered or search for your device by name.

If you search by model, you’ll find safety and warranty information. What you’ll probably want is the user guide for the operating system installed on your phone.


You’ll have a choice between viewing on the web or downloading. You’ll find that the guide has a handy table of contents and it fairly easy to navigate.


Find a topic and click on the arrow to see sub-topics.


.The instructions are pretty comprehensive and straightforward.


As for printing, these guides aren’t really designed to be printed. You could do it, but you’ll use a ton of paper and it might not look the best.

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