This PC 101

This PC is an easy way to help manage your Windows 11 computer.  Let’s check out how it works. Start by clicking on File Explorer.

Then click on This PC in the left pane.

Here’s what you’ll see.

You’ll see both hard drives and removable drives.

Right-click on a drive to see a menu with several options. Click on more options and you can restore a previous version, pin to the drive to start, and rename the drive.

Select Properties from the menu and the Properties window will open. From here, under the General tab, you can see how space is free on the drive, compress data, or run a disk cleanup.

Under Tools, you can check the drive for errors and optimize the drives.


Hardware gives you information about your disks, while Sharing allows you to share folders on your Network.


Click the Security tab to change security settings for each drive. Previous Versions shows you the most recent restoration point, while Quota lets you decide how much hard drive space each user can take up on the PC.


One thought on “This PC 101

  1. Article re: This PC – I connect my WD Ext HD to my PC. It does not appear on the PC screen. But does appear on Control Panel>Hardware & Sounds>Devices & Printers. There I can ck properties and run a trouble shoot. Clicking on the trouble shoot results explained (small print in left side of trouble shoot screen) indicates it is a USB2.0 device connected to a USB 3.0 port. It indicates it would work if connected to a USB 2.0 port. All USB ports on my PC are 3.0 ports. I did use a USB 2.0 Hub that I connected to my 3.0 port, but the device still would not open. All properties info indicates ‘device is working properly’ as well as ‘driver is correct’. Any suggestions on how to get the 2.0 device to become recognized in my PC’s 3.0 ports? Is there some kind of an adapter that is a 2.0/3.0 combo device. Or how can I get the 2.0 device deceived into thinking it’s connected to a 2.0 port and will then open. Thanks for any suggestions or thoughts you may have, Trish

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