Facebook: profile, page, & group

I thought I’d give you a primer on the difference between a Facebook profile, page, & group.

A Facebook profile is what you probably refer to as your Facebook page or homepage or news feed. It is intended for individuals. You add people you know as friends and are able to see each other’s posts. This is where you share personal (but not private) info. What’s posted on your Facebook profile is usually only visible to your friends and their friends. You can adjust the settings to make posts visible to only friends, to everyone, or to select people. Here’s a look at mine.

A Facebook page is set up for a business, a writer, actor, or other public people, or for a municipality. Cyn’s Tech Tips has a Facebook Page. I have a page for me as a writer. Restaurants, police departments, celebrities, vacations destinations, supermarkets, big companies, and more have Facebook pages. You don’t become friends with a page, you like the page.  A Facebook page can often be a good place to leave a message with a business. But only if you see that they are active on the page and reply to comments. Pages are visible to everyone. Here’s the Facebook page for the Toledo Police Department.

A Facebook group is designed to bring together people with a common interest. You could create a group for people who share the same profession as you, alumni from your high school or college, those who love a particular breed of dog, people in your area with items for sale, or even a small private group for just family members. If a group is public, anyone can see the posts. If a group is private, posts are only visible to those people invited to be members. Below is a screenshot of a Toledo yard sale group that I belong to.

A Facebook message is created by clicking the chat icon at the side of the browser. Those messages are only seen by the person or persons you send the message to. If you only want one person to see the information, that’s how to do it.

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