How do I rotate a picture?

A reader needs a little help straightening out her pictures.

“Sometimes I get pictures sent to my e-mail from people’s smartphones, and the pictures come in sideways and I don’t know how to make them upright. Could you please tell me how to go about doing that? I have windows 10.”

Here’s how to do it. First, you’ll need to save the image. It’s a good idea to remember to do that anyway, you don’t want to lose the photo if you get locked out of your email account or delete the email. Depending on the setup of your email, you might see a download option for the attachment or be able to right-click and select Save.

Make sure to note where you saved the file. I suggest picking the Pictures library. Go to where you’ve saved the image and double-click to open.

If you’re using Windows 10, your image will open in the Photos App.

Up at the top, you’ll see a half-circle arrow icon.

Click the icon until you rotate the image to the desired position.

You can then click the 3-dot menu at the right and choose Save as from the drop-down menu.

You could also right-click the image in the file and choose Open with from the drop-down menu. You could then choose Paint, or any other image editor you have installed to open and rotate the picture.


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