Autumn Leaf Scrapbook

red leaf on book

I remember in about seventh grade I had to make a leaf book. That meant trudging around my hometown with a book on leaves and finding good specimens to press and save for my book. My mom drove me all over town and we went for walks, and in a week of collecting had over one hundred leaves to sort through. I got an A+ on the project and I still remember it with joy. My mom is a teacher and used that leaf book to have her own kids do that project. So for me this site brought back a lot of good memories.

The author of this site and some friends went leaf collecting in the Missouri Botanical Gardens. They found some excellent specimens and identified them.

You can view pictures of the leaves two ways: either by clicking on the name of the tree, or by choosing a name of a tree and then clicking the arrow buttons to continue your journey through the leaves. If you click on the leaf pictures themselves you will get a life-sized image of the leaves. My favorite is the sweet gum leaf.

And that isn’t all this site has to offer. There is also a section of leaf identification and leaf terms. So you can learn all about how to go gather your own leaves and identify them. As well as learn what the different parts of a leaf are.

This is a fun and frisky autumn find, enjoy!

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