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I LOVE THIS SITE! How many parents are uninformed about what games their children are playing, what content the games have in them, and what children are learning from the games they play? A lot—it’s sad but true. Even with the rating system it is hard to tell what you should be protecting your child from and what is harmless fun.

Here at this site you get game reviews from a parental point of view. In “Featured Articles” you’ll find the newest articles and columns. Kids Game Reviews is where you’ll find out which games they reviewed. It looks to me that they review every console’s games and pc game for kids. And more are added at a regular interval. Being an avid gamer myself, I was surprised how many kids games are actually made for the pc and consoles that are out there.

There’s a “Review Archive”, and even Movies and DVD reviews to check out too. You’ll also find Game Previews to help you decide what you should buy before it’s even out. I’m looking forward to the new Spyro game myself and was quite happy with how thorough the review was.

This site is a must-have for parents and grandparents whose children play games.

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