I got a fake tech support pop-up this weekend and I thought I’d share it with you. This one could be very convincing. they’ve gone to the trouble to make it look a lot like an actual Windows 10 pop-up.  This one comes complete with sound. The audio tells you that your PC has been infected and that your passwords, credit card information, browser history, and local hard disk files have been compromised. Scary right?

It also tells you not to shut down or reset your computer and to call a special toll free number immediately.  Without a doubt, if you call this number, a scammer will be glad to take your credit card information.

This pop up is a complete and utter scam. It’s just a pop-up ad. In all likelihood, these crooks purchased a legitimate ad space from a website and then just snuck this nasty bit of business in instead.


You can close the tab or shut the browser to get rid of it. Your PC is not locked up. Your PC is not having problems. If just shutting the browser won’t work, hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete to close it from the task manager. You don’t have a computer problem. These crooks are hoping to play on a fear reaction. They want you to get panicked, so you follow the instructions and don’t think about it until after they have your credit card information. Do not click on the box to stop the page from creating messages or the OK or Cancel button. Close the tab or your browser.


No legitimate virus warning comes with a voiceover. No legitimate virus warning demands you immediately call a number. Don’t fall for it!