The Gallery of Unfortunate Cards

open birthday greeting card near pen

I hope you have some time on your hands for this one. This had me laughing for hours, I honestly couldn’t leave until I had read over a hundred pages of this site. This site is the gallery of unfortunate cards and there are galleries full of them with witty commentary.

You could start your visit to this site by reading the outcry from the unfortunates who grace the covers of these cards and get a good laugh, or you can dive right in.

The Halloween cards are fabulous and appropriate for the day coming up soon. I got a real kick out of them. But where I really spent a lot of time was in the Unfortunate Birthday card section where I think I went through every card. I really love the first one from Joan Crawford’s collection, not to mention the little kids in limbo (card 24), and my favorite is card 34.

In the Valentines section you should check out Card 8, in the Christmas section you should check out Card 21—okay just check them all out. I couldn’t choose just one through my laughter.

I’m off to check out the Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, and Fourth of July cards. Have a barrel of laughs today!

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