The Wonderful World of Baroque Music

five brown ornate frames on wall

This site is a wonderful place to spend a morning. You can learn all about Baroque music, see portraits of baroque composers, and rare baroque instruments. This site is full of the history of baroque music.

What is baroque music like? Well you can answer that question by visiting the Baroque Music Sampler section of the site. You can listen to well over two hours of Baroque samples.

Learn about the composers, and the way baroque music is put together by visiting several sections of this site from the “Baroque Music Defined” to “Baroque Composers & Musicians” to “Composer Portraits”.

Next I would recommend checking out the instruments that were used to make this beautiful music. The long forgotten Lute-Harpsichord and the German Violin Bow. There is in-depth information on both of these instruments. Other instruments are mentioned as well.

For any music lover this site is a must see, must hear, must experience.

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