Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

Considering the lukewarm reaction to Google Glass, you’d imagine companies would have their doubts about the demand for smart glasses, but that hasn’t stopped Ray-Ban from introducing a line of sunglasses and frames for prescription glasses called Ray-Ban Stories.

These glasses integrate Facebook technology to bring you glasses that take photos and videos, allow you to listen to music and take phone calls, and even share directly to your social media from your glasses. Users can choose from 20 different frame styles.

The glasses feature two 5-megapixel cameras with voice activation. After you take the photos or video, you can post them to social media via the built-in Facebook app. The app also allows you to store, edit, and add filters to your image. From the app, you can share to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, and WhatsApp.

The glasses have a three-microphone audio system and use open-ear speakers instead of headphones. The glasses start around $300 with additional charges for upgraded frames or prescription lenses.

One thought on “Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

  1. I absolutely would not purchase these “smart glasses!” The last thing we need is walkers and drivers distracted by another device.

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