No Sound In Speaker When Using A Mic

I woke up Saturday morning to an urgent message from a friend and fellow writer who is using Dragon Naturally Speaking to dictate her next book.

“Hey, I have a PC question for you. I have a pretty simple set up, including the little speakers that connect in the back with twin USBs. In the front, I have my Blue Yeti mic plugged in with a USB. When the mic is plugged in, the speakers don’t work. So I can’t go back and forth between listening to the work in progress and dictating.

Is there an easy way to do this? It’s perhaps a simple thing, but I really get irritated plugging and unplugging the mic to allow playback. Thanks for any guru wisdom you can impart.”

She even included pictures.

This is is a great question because it has all the necessary details to help troubleshoot. Fortunately, there was an ultra simple solution.

Right-click on the little speaker icon on the taskbar next to the clock.

Then select Sound Settings.

Scroll down to Output, click the speakers and set them as the default playback device.

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