Use the number keypad as a mouse pointer

If you have issues using a mouse in Windows 11, it’s simple to turn the number keypad on your keyboard into your mousepad.

Type Accessibility Mouse Settings into the search box and click on the result.

Next to Mouse Keys, slide the button for Use your numeric keypad to move your mouse pointer into the On position.

You’ll have options to only use the keypad when Num Lock is on, show the mouse keys icon on the taskbar, and to control the speed using your Ctrl and Shift keys.

To move the mouse pointerPress
Up and to the left7
Up and to the right9
Down and to the left1
Down and to the right3

Selecting a mouse button

Before you use Mouse Keys to click items on your screen, you must first select which mouse button you want to be the active button: the left button, the right one, or both.

Select the left mouse buttonThe forward slash (/)
Select both buttonsThe asterisk (✲)
Select the right mouse buttonThe minus sign (-)

If you make the left mouse button the active button it will stay that way until you choose another button.

After you choose a button, you can click items on your screen.

ToDo this
Click an itemWith the left button selected as your active button, point to the item, and then press 5
Right-click an itemWith the right button selected as your active button, point to the item and then press 5
Double-click an itemWith the left button selected as your active button, point to the item and press the plus sign (+)

Dragging items using Mouse Keys

You can use the numeric keypad to press and hold the active mouse button and to release it. This is helpful if you want to drag an item.

ToDo this
Drag an itemPoint to the item and then press zero (0)
Drop an itemPoint to the location where you want to move the item and then press the decimal point (.)

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  1. Way to complicated for this brain to comprehend. Lucky to remember this morning, much less which key does what. I use a track ball just fine with these arthritic fingers, and have gotten rather proficient with editing as well. Thanks anyway, good idea for those with younger brain function. Trish

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