Window Swap

This intriguing site allows you to look out the windows of people all over the world. Participants send in 10 minute HD video clips of the view from their window.

It couldn’t be simpler to use, just head to this address:

When you arrive, click the button to see a random view somewhere in the world.

You might get Ivan and Katrina’s balcony view in Palermo, Italy.

Here’s Ana’s view from Serbia.

Just click on Open a new window to move to the next view.

I also really enjoyed the background noise in the video. They are mostly quiet, but you hear the breeze blowing, dogs barking, the TV playing in the background. You get a real feel for everyday life.

You can even join in the fun by sending a 10-minute, horizontal HD video of your window and frame to

Include your first name and location and make sure to rename the video with your name and location before sending.

Click here to start the fun:

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