It’s not really that hard

wifi router on yellow background

A reader weighs in on the topic of updating your router: “I’m confused about the perceived difficulty of updating a router. I’m on my (at least) 3rd or 4th model. All of them have been essentially the same in that regard. You do need to know how to “talk to” (log in) to the router, but this should be in your “quick set up” instructions.

And, you should have done it before, first thing you plugged it in, to change the administrator’s password, maybe change the SSID, and set whatever other security you want. Doesn’t require a geek. Log in to the router. Look for the link that says “update firmware.”

For my current router, it’s in the upper right corner of the screen, but it could be under “about,” or “settings,” or whatever. Click the link and the rest will take care of itself: “Checking for updates.” “Downloading updates.” “Installing updates.” Or maybe, “No updates. You are up to date.” You will not have any (other) Internet access while the router is playing with itself.”

The difficulty is in the eye of the beholder with many tech-related tasks. People sometimes psych themselves out before they even get started. Confidence can be everything when it comes to handling a task like this.

Sometimes people get it in their heads that they don’t understand how everything works. But as I always say, you don’t need to know all about the internal workings of an internal combustion engine to drive a car. You just need to follow good driving rules, perform basic maintenance, and drive defensively.

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