Missing Title Bar In YouTube

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A reader needs help with a YouTube problem:

 I don’t understand what happened, but a while ago I was using youtube and running a video.  I discovered that my favorites bar and the title bar disappeared!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

There was no way to x out of that page or press the back arrow at the top of the page like normal.  When it happens like that there is NO WAY a person can figure out how to fix it.  I don’t think I did anything.  I don’t mess with my computer changing settings unless I understand what I’m doing.  I did hit the ctle Alt delete to restart the computer.  That was the only way I knew how to try to get back to a normal page.  I did a screen clip here in email to show what disappeared for no reason.

My guess is that you accidentally hit the
“F” key to go full screen. Or perhaps clicked the the Full Screen icon.

It’s located in the lower right of your controls.

Here’s what full screen looks like:

Getting out couldn’t be easier. Just hit the Esc key on your keyboard or hit the F key again.

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