Mike’s Electric Stuff

six halogen bulbs

At Mike’s site of Electric Stuff you will find tons of neat stuff from the innards of electronic gadgets to pretty nixie tubes. The site is broken down into three sections: Antique Glass Stuff, Telsa Coils and High Voltage Stuff, and Miscellaneous Stuff.

Antique Glass Stuff: This is where you will find the pretty nixie tubes, and a lot of other really cool stuff like Advertisements for Early Electronic stuff (think 1950’s) and even a Nixie Tube clock that literally glows. Also check out the Vintage Valves and Geissler Tubes—both sections are really neat. Oh, and there are some Old Technical Manuals to check out too.

Telsa Coils and High Voltage Stuff: What is a Telsa Coil? I asked myself as I browsed this section. The answer you can check out in the Telsa Coil picture section where you can really see the electricity arc off of those babies. I also loved the CD Zapping section it was really, really cool. Sparks of Fire is also highly recommended for your viewing pleasure.

Miscellaneous Stuff: This is where the coolness is, with tons of fund things to check out. >From the CD Jukebox to the Argon Lasers, not to mention the Junk Box, Mystery Components, and Unusual Digital Clocks.

This site is purely electrifying, so check it out and get shocked!


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