Is Window Swap Safe?

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A reader has a question about a CoolSite I suggested:

“Since you mentioned Window Swap I have become very fond of it and go there quite often. Recently however, when I showed it to a friend he immediately stated that he would never use it because of the potential for malware being embedded in the recordings and causing any number of issues. Is this a valid concern?”

To begin, WindowSwap is a secure site and it’s never raised any security flags from any of my security programs when I’ve gone to visit it. I ran the address through several web reputation checkers and didn’t come up with any flags.

Window Swap doesn’t download the videos (or anything else) onto your PC. It simply lets you view videos from the website. While I can’t guarantee that no nefarious individual will ever hack the site (I can’t guarantee that about Amazon, Gmail, or anyone else), I can say that Window Swap has good reputation and doesn’t raise any red flags.

Curious about WindowSwap? Click here to check it out.

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