Herbal Gardens

brown wooden spoon with herbs on top of green bamboo mat and brown wooden surface

Do you love flowers, herbs, and plants? Do you just plain love gardening? Well then, this is definitely a cool site for you to check out.
From the Herb of the Month section to the Crafts, and even the Kitchen section this site is chocked full of good stuff for gardeners,
and those who might just want to try their hands at some herbal ideas.

Herb of the Month: This where you will find the featured herb for the month. You’ll learn its latin name, how to grow it, what it is
commonly used for, and even get a neat recipe or craft to try with the lucky herb that was chosen. This month’s herb is sage. And
there is a lot that you can learn all about this delicious herb and how delightfully it can be used in your home.

In the Kitchen: This is where you will meet the great recipes that await you and your favorite herbs. From tasty Holiday Recipes
to the most simplistic herbal dressing you will find tons of great recipes to try and make a part of your dining experience. Good Eating!

The Craft Room: In the craft room you will learn how to make natural easter egg dyes from ingredients you probably just have sitting
around the kitchen. I look forward to updates to this part of the site.

Now while you are exploring don’t forget to check out the Archives, and the Humor section for some more Herbal goodness.


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