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Two weeks ago, I showed you how to darken the grid lines in an Excel worksheet. (click here to read that tip.)  If you want to keep those changes, or any other changes you prefer, for all of your new worksheets, you’ll need to create a new default template. Here’s how:

Open the worksheet or create a new one and make all of your preferred changes.

Click the File tab at the top left.

Select Save a Copy.

Name the file Book and for file type choose either Excel Template (.xltx) or Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook (.xlsm) depending on which you need.


You’ll now need to save this template in the startup folder.  To find out what the particular path is to the Start Folder on your version of Excel, you’ll need to go back to Options and open Trust Center.  Click on Trust Center Settings.

You’ll want to click on Trusted Locations.

Then find the Excel Startup and verify the path to Excel’s start-up folder. This could vary depending on your device and your version of Excel. Make sure to check.

Select Save As on the template we created and start following that path. Here, we’ll follow the path on my PC. It’ll be different on yours. Here’s my path: C:\Users\Editor\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART\

So I’ll browse for a spot to save the template and start with the C Drive.


Click the arrow next to it and choose Users. Then I’ll select my username of Editor.


Followed by App Data.


Then Roaming.


Then Microsoft. Hang in there. We’re almost there.


Now, select Excel.




Now, you can hit Save to add your new startup template.


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