Get help fast in Win 11

I’ve got a super-quick tip for you about finding help in Windows 11 I know that I’ve warned you about the search results that come up when you’re searching for Windows Tech Support.  Often times, the first search results are third-party companies who’ll charge you an arm and a leg for assistance you can get free from Microsoft.

The best way to make sure you’ve got the actual support contacts is to just use your PC. (This assumes your PC is working, of course.)

Just type Get help in the search box and click on the results.

The Help Window will open.

Type in your question and press the arrow in the box.


The AI virtual assistant will then ask you some questions to narrow down what you need help with.


It can offer explanations to help you understand various terms.


And then provide instructions.


If the troubleshooting fails, the assistant will offer other suggestions.


If automated troubleshooting doesn’t work, you’ll be given the choice to chat or get a call from Microsoft.


This is the ONLY circumstance under which anyone from Microsoft will ever call you. When you have contacted them and set up the call. Repeat, this is the ONLY circumstance under which anyone from Microsoft will EVER call you.

I can’t guarantee they’ll be able to help or explain the issue, but hey, if they can’t, I’m here!

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