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What’s GORP? You ask. Is it some kind of alien language, or maybe an abbreviation? Well my question for you is, do you love the great outdoors? Then this site is definitely for you. With this site you can get great advice on everything from gear to destinations.

This is a site that has tons of travel information for people who love outdoor adventures such as hiking, jogging, walking, riding, camping, boating and much, much more.

You should definitely check out the “Gear Reviews” section which is a section that gives advice to people who ask question about what type of gear to use for different activities, what brands to use, and how to use it easily.

Then there is the “Destinations” section which gives great advice about, you guessed it — location, location, location. Where you should camp, hike, boat, or ride. Whether it’s a National Park or a State you plan to visit, get the lowdown before you ever get there. It even includes great information on fishing.

My favorite section was the “National Parks” section. There are some really beautiful photos of national parks, wet places (like lakes and rivers) and wildlife photography. There are screensavers, slideshows, and photos.

There’s also a helpful outdoor “how-to” section to get you started on adventuring in the great outdoors. Check it out maybe there’s an adventure waiting in your own backyard!


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