Free download ends caps lock confusion

It can be pretty easy to accidentally activate caps lock, scroll lock, or num lock. And sometimes it can take a few minutes (or hours) to figure out that you’ve got the keys depressed. Not that it’s ever happened to me.

Today, I’ll show you a free download that offers a free onscreen visual indication. And it works with every version of Windows.

The program is called Keyboard LEDs. Click here to visit the page.

You can press the Download tab to head to the download page.


Then follow the instructions of the installation wizard.  There’s also a useful video that explains how to make sure that the indicator lights end up in your system tray. You’ll want to make sure to watch it.

When activated, you can choose to have a System Tray icon, an on-screen notification, or both to notify you if lock keys are active.

You can choose which colors you’d like to indicate the keys and also select to be notified with a tone. It’s completely customizable and the interface is super-easy to understand.

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