stonehenge england

“Stonehenge stands as a timeless testimony to the people who built it, between 3000BC and 1500BC. An amazing feat of engineering and arguably the most sophisticated stone circle in the world, it remains a mystery.”

Learn all about these mysterious ruins with this great site. Whether you’re just curious, planning a visit, or doing a report, I think you will find this site is stellar. From visiting information such as when the ruins are open to in-depth information on them, this site has it all.

My favorite part of this site is the virtual landscape of the ruins. It’s interactive so you can click around and have a great time. With interactive walks, and video clips you can fully explore Stonehenge and all its marvels, as well as get in-depth information on every aspect of it.

With lots of information on every aspect of Stonehenge, will you feel that it’s demystified for you? Or will it only bring up more questions of this ancient place?

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