Facebook’s Changes It Up Again

Just last month, I told you about Facebook’s new look when you access it via a browser. Now, they’ve gone and changed it up again.

The new look moved all of the familiar icons to a left-side panel.

This included notifications and messaging.

The company explained the changes by saying, ” “We moved all your navigation options into one place,” it said. “This change combines everything you need on Facebook — your profile, search, notifications, messages, and more.”

They must have received some negative feedback because they have changed it up again. While the majority of icons are still in the left panel, notifications and messaging have returned to the top-right along with your profile.

Click the drop-down arrow by your picture for shortcuts to Settings, Help, Display, & more.

One thing they’ve kept the same is the square of dots at the left.

Click it, and you’ll see a full menu of options for adding posts, checking events or connecting with your pages and groups.

2 thoughts on “Facebook’s Changes It Up Again

  1. I don’t really care what FB changes…but … how do I remove dead people from my lists?
    Also, my FB home shows “groups” that I have not set up. How do I get rid of them,?

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