Find Out Which Apps Use The Most Power

Which apps and programs hog the most power on your laptop? Windows 11 makes it easy to find out.

Start by typing Power, sleep, and battery settings in the search box. Click on the result.

This window will open.
Scroll down to Battery usage and click.

You’ll be able to view your battery usage during the last day or the last 7 days.

Scroll down to Battery usage per app to see which apps are pulling the most power. You can scroll through or use the search box to find a particular program.

Click the drop-down arrow next to Sort by to view by usage, alphabetically, or apps currently in use.

Notice that some apps have additional options for controlling battery usage. They have a 3-dot menu next to them. Notice it’s grayed out on apps without options.

Click the dot to see the option to manage background activity.

Click the drop-down arrow.

Choose to always let the app run in the background, follow Windows power optimization, or never allow it to run in the background.

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