How did that happen?

I think we’ve all had the experience, where something just changes or pops up while you’re using your computer. and you swear up and down that you changed absolutely nothing.

Frequently, the culprit can be a keyboard shortcut. Hit a Ctrl +G instead of Ctrl+C and in MS Paint and you’ve got a grid instead of a copied image.  Do something similar in Word and you’ve accidentally reformatted your document.  Nearly all programs have a list of keyboard shortcuts that can cause major changes. It’s frustrating.


Another culprit, especially online, is the mis-click. It’s not so hard to change your Facebook to Chinese or another language by clicking in the wrong place. If you’re working on a PC and immediately notice that something has changed, you might try good old Ctrl+Z to undo it. Just make sure you hit the Z and not another key.

So be careful with your fingers.  You never know when they’ll turn on you.

One thought on “How did that happen?

  1. “Been there, done that,” in finding mysterious changes. Usually, it’s one of the feline AA’s demonstrating superiority. Never know what those paws will do. Had to disable the “sleep” key because they have walked by and shut me down entirely! But sometimes, as well, I am the culprit.

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