Android – Do Not Disturb

If you don’t want to be bothered by notifications, texts, or phone calls at certain times of the day or night, you’ll want to check out your Android phone’s Do Not Disturb settings. I’m demonstrating this on a Galaxy S21 but the method should be similar on any Android Smartphone.

To set your preferences, go to your phone’s Settings and choose Sounds and Vibrations.

Scroll down to Looking for something else and tap Do not distrub.

Slide Do not disturb to the on position. You can leave it on until you choose to turn it off or set it for a specific amount of time.

Tap the + icon to create a Do not disturb schedule. Choose your days and pick the times when you don’t want to be disturbed.

To allow exceptions for certain numbers and events, tap on Exceptions.

You can allow exceptions for alarms or set custom exceptions.

You can pick certain numbers to allow messages or calls from. It could be your babysitter, parents, boss, kids… whoever it is you want to be able to talk to no matter what. Or, if you’re expecting an important call, you could enter that number. Or choose to permit task alerts and reminders. There’s also an option to let a call through if someone calls more than once within 15 minutes.


App Rules allows you to make special exceptions for certain apps.


It’s a great feature for preserving your peace and quiet.

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