Test Your Antivirus With Notepad

Here’s a quick trick to test your antivirus software. It’s one of the many nifty tricks you can accomplish using Notepad on your PC.

Start by typing Notepad into your search box and clicking on the result.


Save the file as test.exe

If your antivirus is working, it should detect the file almost immediately. If it does not, try double-clicking the new file to start it. Your security software ought to catch it then. If not, it may be time to think about additional protection.


6 thoughts on “Test Your Antivirus With Notepad

  1. Didn’t get the Results that your Anti Virus gave you, but My A/V Program wont let Me open it up.

    Using Avast Anti Virus

  2. My Trend Micro Security immediately removed it just as I finished typing the words. Thanks for this tip.

  3. Tried to run test.exe;
    Response: “The app can’t run on your PC”
    Then tried to delete the file:
    Response: “Need to provide administrator permission to delete file”. Heck I am the administrator. What do I do now to delete that file?

    1. In my case, the .exe file disappeared the as soon as my anti-virus flagged it multiple times. I was able to recreate what you experienced and the file eventually vanished when my computer restarted.

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