How I Went To Facebook Jail

a bunk bed with striped linen behind bars

I’m currently in Facebook “jail” or at least under house arrest. I haven’t been completely banned from posting. However, I’m not permitted to go live, and I’m not allowed to run any advertising. That’s kind of an issue as I have a new book to promote.

What’s interesting is the reason I’m in trouble with Facebook. I threatened a ghost with “bodily harm.” Seriously, it’s because I threatened to harm a ghost. I said I would be willing to “to cut an undead jerk.” in a comment on a friend’s post about a ghost.

When someone countered you couldn’t hurt a ghost with a knife, I replied I’d find one in a cursed antique shop to do the job.

Facebook blocked my comment, then notified me that I could lose my account for making such comments. Then a few days later, they sanctioned me.

Mind you, there are zero options to appeal this. In some cases, Facebook says there is a drop-down menu to contest their sanctions, but in the case of threatening to harm ghosts, apparently not. I even went through the advertiser dashboard for some recourse, but there wasn’t any.

I have heard of people with hundreds of thousands of followers who depend on their Facebook page for income losing access under similar circumstances.

I know that some automatic program detected the word and isn’t able to create context. Their AI doesn’t know the difference between staking a vampire and a veterinarian. However, some option to contest the sanctions would be nice.

I guess that’s a reminder to watch our language, as it turns out Facebook has no sense of humor.

4 thoughts on “How I Went To Facebook Jail

  1. I have a colleague here who was sentenced to 29 days of FB “jail” for a post about not wanting snow in Tennessee. Apparently someone thought that was “hate speech”! It’s so ludicrous that I minimize my time on the FB ecosystem. I encourage you to look at where there are great groups for writers; a large market of studied members; and only ONE community standard… the First Amendment.

  2. It is really sad! The condition of our country. I WAS on facebook a few years back when discussion of vaccines started to be out in the open. (before covid) I was in a group that was representing vaccine freedoms, especially for children. I got a red flag in one of our group discusssion. (not kicked off) Right then and their I made the choice to DELETE my account. I think the biggest problem we have now is the fact that we have become “slaves” to technology. People have forgot how to have discussions “together” face to face. Of course NO ONE ELSE would know any of your comments. Then it wouldn’t matter. There are times when you want the “freedom” to release frustrations with wrong doings and say what you want to say. If there would be one person offended; well then that is their nature to be offended. But that is freedom of speech. Did you tell the person offended they could not think the way they wanted? No you didn’t. But now once we breath out with ONE word that doesn’t line up with another person’s expression of thought they are deamed “the devil.” The fact is our modern medicine is a CULT MURDER TRAP. Simple truth.

  3. I left Facebook in 2017 and haven’t looked back. i found that I was wasting too much time looking at drivel. If it is important enough, the Facebook poster can send me an email. I have saved a lot of time to do productive things.

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