Serious Apple security flaw – UPDATE NOW!


If you use an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you need to pay attention to this. Apple has admitted that there’s a serious security issue with these devices that can allow hackers to take over your phone, tablet, or computer completely.

Apple is notoriously closed-mouthed about security vulnerabilities. They don’t warn about the issue until they already have an update to patch the problem ready to go. The company did not provide details of how the problem was discovered or how long they’ve known about the issue. Though experts say that hackers have taken advantage of this flaw in some cases.

Traditionally, Mac computers were regarded as more secure than Windows PCs, but a lot of that was connected to Macs being less popular and not worth the time for hackers. With the emergence of the iPhone as the most popular phone in the US, more and more hackers are targeting Apple users.

Devices affected by this issue include:

Mac computers

iPhones manufactured within the last 7 years (6S and later)

iPads 5th generation thru the latest models

iPad Air 2 and even some iPods

To fix the issue, apply the latest security updates to your device:

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