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A reader is annoyed with predictive typing in his email:

“Something new has appeared in Edge when I send an email. When starting a sentence, words appear that compete the sentence for me. While different, I don’t appreciate it. Is there a way to remove the auto-insert of words?”

What you’re experiencing is called predictive typing. It’s a common feature used to speed up texting on phones that has made its way into almost all email programs. Here’s an example of what it looks like in Outlook:

When I type a commonly used phrase, the program will suggest a word it thinks I might want to use next. If I hit enter, that word will be placed in the sentence, saving me the trouble of typing it. While it does speed things up, I can see why you might find it annoying.

I see from your email address that you have a Comcast/Xfinity email address. So the solution to your problem should be somewhere in your email settings. I don’t have a Comcast account and they don’t offer any instructions for turning off predictive typing that I can find. But I can demonstrate how to shut it off in Gmail and Outlook, so the process should be pretty similar.

For Outlook online, click the gear icon at the top right. Next, type text prediction into the search box and the top and click on the result.

Under Compose and reply, untick the box next to Offer suggestions based on keywords.

For Gmail, click the Settings gear at the top right and choose See all settings.

Under General, scroll down to Smart compose. Tick the box next to Writing suggestions off.

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