Thunderbird – why can’t I move columns?

email blocks on gray surface

A reader wants to change the layout of her email program:

“When my email is on my screen (Thunderbird), it used to show who the email was From, then the Subject, then the Date.  Somehow it changed where the Subject is listed first and I would like the format back with From listed first.  I searched it several times and nothing’s working for me.  I tried the arrows and can move the columns, but I can’t get From first.  Hope you can help.”

You should be able to just click on the header of the column and drag it into the position you want.

However, that’s not working for me today, and I’ve found other cases where people say that ability mysteriously went away, but I don’t see any actual solutions listed other than updating Thunderbird and hoping it just goes away.

You could try right-clicking on any column head and then selecting restore column order from the drop-down menu.

I honestly think there’s some kind of bug with this latest update.

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