Customizing Word Numbering


If you’re creating numbered lists or bullet lists in Word, you have multiple options to customize the look.

There are options for customizing the layout of numbers in Word. Click the Home tab and then the drop-down arrow next to the numbered list option. You’ll see that you have a variety of options for the style of numbers you wish to use.

If you click Change List Level, you can indent numbers to make subheadings.

You can also create new numbering formats. Click on Define New Number Format.

You can change the style, font, format, and alignment of numbers.

You can choose to align your lists to the left, right, or center.

Give it a try and see what you think.

4 thoughts on “Customizing Word Numbering

  1. Hi, Cyn, and Happy Monday!

    Thanks for your write-up on numbered list making. Decades ago, when I was working, I had an urge to make the list numbers be right justified so they would look like this:

    8. Eighth
    9. Ninth
    10. Tenth

    I never found a way to do it with Word or with LibreOffice. I simply used the columns in Excel (and LibreOffice) to accomplish that. Now that I’ve been retired for 33 years, it’s not important to me, other than one of those niggling things I wish I could have done…

    Thanks for all you do for your users!


  2. oh, my goodness! The comment editor took out my spaces so the example I made is WRONG! And I didn’t see a way to include an image.

    X 9. Ninth
    X 10. Tenth

    There, maybe that will work!

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