Gmail: Send a group email

Today, I’ll show you how to send a group email in Gmail. A group email allows you to send one message to multiple people. You could create a group for co-workers, relatives, or people that belong to the same club as you. 

Start by opening your Gmail inbox in the browser of your choice.

Click the little square of squares on the upper-right side and select Contacts from the menu.

Contacts will open. Click on Create label.

Type a name in for the label and click OK.

Put checks next to the contacts you wish to add to the group.


Click the label icon on the upper-left side of the page.

Choose your label from the menu.


When you create a new email, click on To.


Click My Contacts.


Then select the label you created.


Choose to send to all or some of the contacts under that label.


Then compose and send as you normally would.

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