Uncovered – 5 malicious Chrome extensions

crop hacker silhouette typing on computer keyboard while hacking system

The security experts at McAfee announced that they discovered five malicious Chrome browser extensions hanging out in the Chrome store, where they’ve been installed on users’ computers 1.4 million times!

They include extensions that allow you to watch Netflix with other users, take screenshots, and discover online coupons.

But unbeknownst to users, these extensions track their browsing activity and send all your activity to the extensions’ developers. These shady people then alter the code of the cookies on the sites so that they get affiliate payments if you shop there.

The troublesome extensions are:

  • Netflix Party
  • FlipShope – Price Tracker Extension
  • Full Page Screenshot Capture 
  • Netflix Party 2 
  • AutoBuy Flash Sales 

McAfee reported these extensions to Google, which later removed them from the Chrome Web Store. If you downloaded any of these extensions, you’ll want to make sure to remove them.

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