Use Task Manager To Control Startup Apps

When too many apps open at startup, it can really slow down how long it takes your PC to get going.

Fortunately, Windows 11’s Task Manager makes it pretty simple to pick the programs. To open, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc or type Task Manager in the search box and click on the result.

Task Manager will open.

Click the Startup icon in the left menu.

You’ll see an alphabetical list of all of the programs that open at startup.


Under the Startup impact heading, you’ll see how big of an impact the program has on your PC. If it says High, the program uses a lot of resources.


To disable a program, click on it. Then choose Disable at the top.

If you change your mind about disabling the program at startup, just click on it and choose Enable.

One thought on “Use Task Manager To Control Startup Apps

  1. This is a very simple way for so many ways of computer clean up that reflects our computers starting up and just generally functioning reasonably fast. I have done this as an occasional maintenance check up on my computer. But I have a start up problem that happens occasionally. First thing in the morning I turn it on, but it seems to hang on a black screen. The mouse pointer even shows but nothing happens. I do only what I know to do; Manually turn it off and then start again. It completed the boot. It happened this morning. I would sure like to know what I can do with that. Doing the above task manager check doesn’t apply to this type of problem. Thank you

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