Aww…. Thank You!

I received a lovely note from a reader that I wanted to share with everyone:

“I love the edgy cozy series with Trinity and Bobby.  Reread them often, and especially during pandemic winters, living in Covid-risky household.  Goode-Grace = cozies but not snooze-fest ye olde coseys.  Enough conflict, thoughtful crime solving and urgent trips to ER that I know setting is 21st-Century Midwest.  Heroine who switches seamlessly between crafting/cooking, advocacy for homeless teens and crime analysis: for me, Trinity is beloved.

I seriously appreciate the original covers and hope-against-hope that those originals will not disappear from my Kindle versions.

That said, pretty confident your goal in changing the covers is for you to attract more readers who will love your books.  If the more-approachable renderings of lead characters draws in readers who IMHO misinterpreted the original covers as a sign of nasty creep-out content they should avoid, have at it.  Get more readers, sell more of your wonderful books so that

1. You prosper based on already-written stellar series and

2. Readers _unlike_ me discover their love of farm + town square Ohio characters mystery solving

3. More overall readers/buyers means readers like me (all about me LOL) get more Goode-Grace or other edgy Midwest stories from you.  Publishers and booksellers give you more attention, etc.

Newly-pictured Bobby looks younger and approachable and more like the supportive partner he becomes for Trinity.  Let his muscular sexiness and sharp-yet-ethical law enforcement skills come as a happy surprise for the new readers!  New versions of Trinity’s hot farmer overalls and the purple in her hair kept signature looks that are crucial. Maybe she looks more perky than in my mind’s eye, but again, if perkiness draws news readers into appreciating the full character and whole books, excellent.”

I can’t tell you how much kind words like that mean to me (and to any writer).

Thanks to each and every one of you for your support.

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