This Program Won’t Go Away

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A reader has an issue with a program that won’t go away.

“I had an old CD of Word Perfect Office.  Downloaded it (or is it supposed to be uploaded?), and it’s not working.  I can type a document in it, but it won’t go any further – can’t print it, can’t delete it, nothing works – it freezes up, so I have to use Ctrl/Alt/Delete to get rid of the document I typed.  But it won’t go away in my Start menu. Tried searching for a solution, but nothing’s working for me.  One tip wanted me to download a new version of Revo Uninstaller.  Any way to delete it permanently?”

First, let’s make sure it’s actually still on your PC. To remove a program from Windows, type Add or Remove Programs into the search box and click on the results.

Find the program under Installed Apps, click the 3-button menu icon, and choose Uninstall.

Even if that program has been uninstalled, it might still show up in your Start Menu as a shortcut. Try right-clicking and choosing Remove from Device History.

You might also try running a disk cleanup to see if that removes any unnecessary files.

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