Lost Dog Facebook Scam

I’ve warned you before that scammers are increasingly turning to Facebook community groups to lay traps for people. Just the other day, a Facebook friend of mine shared this scam. It’s pretty hard to resist an adorable pup in trouble. Soon, many other friends shared this image.

However, this is all a scam. Crooks like this share lost animal stories because they know you’ll share them. I decided to tap on the profile of the person who shared the story. It turned out to be a page listed under the Health & Beauty Category.

The page had no posts, and when I tapped on Page Transparency, I learned it had just been created.

There are multiple reasons scammers shares posts like this. Sometimes, it’s to get you to contact them so they can try to reel you in for a scam. Sometimes, it’s to make sure more people see future posts. The more a post is shared, liked, or commented on, the more people will see other posts from the person who posted it. My guess is that this person has something they want to sell. The product could be real or it could be a scam. Since they used deceptive means to get people to share the post, I’ll assume it was a scam.

As always, be very careful what you interact with or share on Facebook.

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